About Us

We built Parrot AI for people who believe the future of work should be anywhere. For people who want to move forward, not backward.

We started the company during the pandemic when a billion knowledge workers were getting a crash course in the challenges of remote work. Amid this difficult and disorienting time, we realized that we liked being able to work from anywhere.

We started to wonder: once the pandemic was over and we could return to the office, should we?

There are so many benefits to distributed work. It’s more productive. You can hear yourself think. Get some exercise. Cook a healthy meal. Make it to your daughter’s game.

Imagine how the world might benefit if we didn’t burn fossil fuels just to sit in traffic. How businesses might benefit if offices were smaller and just for when we need them. If we could build teams that aren’t bound by geography.

So, we hired a great team from across the country to make distributed and asynchronous work not just okay, but really great.

The result was Parrot AI

Modern work requires employees to effortlessly share knowledge across teams without assuming that everyone works the same way or at the same time.

Modern work requires employees to effortlessly share knowledge across teams, instantly and without friction.

Parrot AI is like an intranet that learns by itself and generates the documents for you. We store business experiences such as meetings, research, presentations, and or any recording so that, later, you can find this knowledge and share it safely with others.

We help teams remember what was said. We help new hires know what to do. We make sure that everyone is in the loop.

I hope you’ll join us in imagining and shaping the future of work.

Co-founder and CEO

We are backed by a fantastic team of investors including

Brian Norgard

Chief Product Officer of Tinder, Investor in Lyft and SpaceX

Evan Cooke

Founder of Twilio, Former White House OSTP

Eric Kagan

Founder Access Northeast, Principal KGN Holdings

Farnam Jahanian

Founder of Arbor Networks, President of Carnegie Mellon

Jamie Goldstein

Founder of Pillar VC, Investor in Pillpack, Circle and Jellyfish

Jeff Fagnan

Founder of Accomplice, Founder of Spearhead, Board Member at AngelList

Mike Viscuso

Founder of Carbon Black, Investor in Red Canary, Randori and Sevco

Naval Ravikant

Founder of AngelList, Investor in Twitter, Uber and Notion

Steve Kokinos

CEO of Algorand, Founder of Fuze and BladeLogic

Tom Killalea

Former CISO for Amazon, Board Member at Akamai, Capital One and MongoDB

Ted Julian

Founder of Resilient, Arbor Networks and @stake

Join us in imagining and shaping the future of work.