Join Us

Parrot AI is an all-remote company. We operate across the US. We don’t have a headquarters or a central office. We work from anywhere and meet up in person whenever we can.

Why distributed?

First, we want to work with awesome people and they don’t all live in the same place. It’s easier to build incredible teams when you aren’t bound by geography.

Second, since distributed work is the future of knowledge work, we get to live and shape that future.

Finally, we believe that distributed work is better for people, profits and the planet. We’re helping to build a better world.

So, we’re working hard to be a great all-remote company.

To help us do that, we operate from the following core principles.

One part, who we are. One part, who we aspire to be. (Presented in order, since life is full of conflict.)


Make Parrot AI for people.

Parrot AI helps people communicate. Not companies, people. We must delight people and help them succeed. We get to know our customers and we place them at the center of every decision we make.


Build awesome teams.

The best gift we can give ourselves is a team we feel lucky to be part of. We are intentional about the team we’re building. We surround ourselves with people who are extraordinary at what they do and who like to collaborate. We foster teamwork, embrace diversity, support information sharing, and discourage politics. Our teams are small and nimble and accomplish amazing things.


Set standards that make us uncomfortable.

Over time, our standards must go up, not down. So, we get comfortable with being uncomfortable, about the standards we set, in everything we do. Sometimes we miss the mark. We learn, adapt and move forward.


Make things simple.

We are evolutionarily wired to think that more is better. But more is just more. More complexity. More to learn. More to maintain. You can’t add simplicity. You have to take complexity away. So, we constantly refactor our product and our company, removing the unnecessary and automating the manual. We fight for simplicity!


Model trust and responsibility.

People thrive on being trusted, on freedom, and on being able to make a difference. So, we share information, empower our teams to make decisions and avoid rules.


Life is short. Let’s have fun.

Making a dent in the universe isn’t easy. It requires discipline and intense focus. So, we always make time for fun. We take our work seriously but not ourselves. We pair up once a week for informal chats to get to know each other and share some laughs. Best water cooler ever.


Deliver measurable results, daily.

We take action that drives results every single day. Each of us. A result is measurable and what we measure matters. So, we measure the right things and we share our results, daily. In doing so, we learn and we grow, as individuals and as a company.


Seek feedback, not consensus.

We seek feedback to reach the best idea, not to create agreement or consensus. Consensus creates average ideas, average speed, and average results. The best idea will never sound like the best idea to everyone, so we validate with our customer instead of committees. When we do disagree, we do so openly and, when a decision is made, we commit and move forward.


Focus on six months and thirty years.

It’s a safe bet that people will still be meeting in thirty years and we’re working hard to ensure that Parrot AI is how they’ll do it. But, in tech, even one year is an eternity. So, we don’t have a one-year, or three-year, or five-year plan. We have a six-month plan that we regularly inspect to ensure we’re on target for our thirty-year goal.

Join us in imagining and shaping the future of work.